Joint Italian-Israeli Laboratory on Solar and Alternative Energies

The Joint Italian-Israeli Laboratory on Solar and Alternative Energies (ILSE-Joint Laboratory) was set up by ENEA and Ben Gurion University through funds provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign affairs.

The Joint Laboratory aims to carry out R&D activities to overcome some aspects of the current limits to the development and diffusion of solar technologies for energy production, such as:

  • low efficiency/density power (W/m2);
  • high costs and availability of raw materials for photovoltaic applications;
  • low production throughput unable to sustain an increasing market,
  • energy production discontinuity.

The domain of activity of ILSE-JL encompasses initially the following Thematic Areas:

  • Solar Devices: Development of innovative photovoltaic solutions based on emerging technologies, such as 3rdgeneration nano-structures, organic and hybrid devices, carbon based inorganic devices;
  • Solar systems & Balance-of-System: development of reliable, long-term, stable and low-cost solutions for photovoltaic systems, such as mirrors, lenses and optical devices, tracking technologies and systems;
  • Smart grid Management: simulation studies of interactions with the grid discontinuous sources; grid-development policy; future grid operating strategies;
  • Innovative storage: advanced energy storage systems such as flow batteries, supercapacitors and combinations, and their potential applicability for PV-grid use.

The bi-national Scientific Board defines the programme for R&D activities to be carried out in the collaboration, resources to be committed, managerial and reporting aspects. Members of the Scientific Board are:

Steering Committee:

BGU Members:

Prof. Dan Blumberg - Vice-President and Dean for R&D
Prof. Daniel Feuermann - Chair, Alezandre Yersin Department of Solar Energy and Env. Physics
Dr. Iris Visoly-Fisher - Department of Chemistry.-Molecular Optoelectronics lab

ENEA Members:

Dr. Anna De Lillo  - UTRIN - Technical Unit for Renewable Energy Sources
Dr. Andrea Quintiliani  - UTICT - Technical Unit for IT and ICT Systems Development
Dr. Franco Roca - UTTP - Technical Unit for Portici Technologies -  Solar Technologies


R&D activities are carried out also through a group of young Italian scientists that benefit of grants offered by BGU.

Furthermore, a bi-national event will be organized each years to draw together a certain number of scientists from Italy and Israel to discuss the scientific topics of the Joint Laboratory.